How it work

How it work



 Please book from available 1-hour time slots for the collection and delivery of your order (please click here to view our collection and delivery hours) in one of the three following ways: directly from our website (, using our mobile app (ONECLICK), or by calling our dedicated order helpline (+44 (0)20 7993 5001). Please also select whether you wish to make your payment when placing your order, on collection, or on delivery (24 hours from collection; see our terms and conditions) – please see the payment section. An immediate e-mail or text confirmation will be sent to you.


This will take place during your booked 1-hour time slot (please click here to view our collection and delivery hours) from your address. Our highly trained drivers are equipped with specially designed units that can not only take your payment but also issue an immediate receipt for your garments, an innovation in the UK introduced by One Click Dry Cleaning. In addition to your receipt you will receive an immediate e-mail or text confirmation.


Order execution

One Click Dry Cleaning are very proud to introduce discerning Londoners, for the very first time, to the truly superior quality of dry cleaning enjoyed by the most demanding overseas market. This is thanks to our secret technique, developed and improved over 58 years, that results in a magical care of fabrics for a truly astounding finish. We use the latest technology and only the most environmentally friendly products to clean your garments. Depending on your postcode, your order will be dispatched to either of our Kensington or Ruislip workshops.


A courtesy notification will be sent to you by e-mail or text when your order is on its way to be delivered in the 1-hour time slot booked when placing your order. If you elected to make payment on delivery, our drivers are trained for this (please click for payment details). Your garments will reach you in the most professional packaging and presentation.