Hand-finished dry cleaning

The secret technique pioneered by One Click Dry Cleaning has been developed over 58 years to satisfy the most demanding overseas market and is now available for the very first time to discerning Londoners.

The very latest technology and environmentally friendly products are used for this closely guarded and unique cleaning process so that stain removal, attention to detail and hand-finishing of all garments, from shirts and suits to dresses and designer couture, all come as standard.

It is the astounding finish that is the signature of One Click Dry Cleaning, and with each garment individually protected with tissue and made safe in our specially designed protective packaging, we are confident that One Click Dry Cleaning will quickly become London’s favourite dry cleaning.

Shirt laundering

Whether cotton or silk, even the most discreet shirt is a statement of your individuality and style, be it for business, parties, formal or informal occasions.

Every shirt, silk or cotton, receives the superior One Click Dry Cleaning care and attention to detail: a thorough inspection and grading is followed by our secret treatment, each shirt finally finished by hand to the most meticulous and astounding standard.

Each shirt is delivered to you in one of two choices of service:

  • Standard: each shirt is laundered and ironed for a beautiful finish, individually presented on a hanger (50p extra for a folded shirt instead);
  • Premier *: each shirt goes through a thorough inspection before dry cleaning, and is individually protected and packaged with tissue before being returned to you either on a hanger ready for wear or folded in a package as if new from a shop.

* Please note that the best care and attention in the industry will have been applied in the removal of any stains. In the unlikely event that any stains remain, this will be because any further attempts to remove them could have resulted in damage to either the colour or the material. Not only will you be notified but we are confident that no other service will be able to remove these stains safely. We are therefore proud to be able to guarantee this in the form of a full refund if you can demonstrate that you were able to have these stains safely removed at another company.


General laundering

Items that One Click Dry Cleaning launder to the highest standard include clothes, bed linen, table linen, lingerie, towels, blankets, duvets, cushion covers etc.

Your order will be delivered to you folded and carefully packaged in the signature One Click Dry Cleaning superior finish.

Repairs and alterations

The One Click Dry Cleaning team of master tailors brings its supreme professionalism and meticulousness to all repairs and alterations, leaving your garments as close to perfection as possible.

This includes button replacement, zip adjustment, trouser shortening and improving general or specific fit tailored to your specific requirements.

One Click Dry Cleaning are proud to introduce an innovation we feel will dramatically add to your convenience: every One Click Dry Cleaning driver has been specially trained to not only assist you regarding your queries but also, if you request, take on-site relevant measurements for your alteration order.


Suede and leather cleaning

One Click Dry Cleaning are also specialists in providing a cleaning service for a range of suede, leather, pigskin and sheepskin items of most descriptions.

As suede and leather garments can be harmed by natural oils, our technicians at One Click Dry Cleaning, who are trained to the highest professional standard, are able to determine, during the pre-inspection stage, whether our traditional methods or advanced technology is the more appropriate treatment for each garment.

One Click Dry Cleaning are also noted for our supreme re-waxing procedure for all leathers, ensuring that the original colours remain unchanged by even the slightest degree.

Shoes, handbags and luggage

Our range of polishing, repairing and restoring services includes shoes, boots, luggage and bags.

As in all One Click Dry Cleaning services, the skill and expertise of our craftsmen ensures that your items will receive the most professional attention, guaranteeing results beyond your expectations.

handbag clinic bag cleaning

Cleaning of carpets and rugs

With intimate links to the ancient civilization where the Persian carpet was born, One Click Dry Cleaning are ideally placed to care for your carpet or rug, be it cleaning or restoration, unlike any other service in London.

Our dedicated team of carpet specialists will clean or restore your carpet either at your premises or at one of our specially designed workshops.

Additionally, One Click Dry Cleaning offers our professional carpet-cleaning equipment for hire.

For further information and expert advice please call our dedicated team on +44 (0)20 7993 5001.

Curtain cleaning (take-down and re-hang service included)

One Click Dry Cleaning clean and restore all types of curtains. Our expertise and latest curtain-cleaning equipment ensures that your curtains will not only be rejuvenated but look as good as new.

We strongly recommend that your curtains be cleaned regularly as they are known to trap dust, smoke, hairs and other undesirable particles that may exacerbate allergies. To this end, One Click Dry Cleaning are proud to offer you our take-down and re-hang service at no extra charge.

For a free quotation and to book your appointment, please call +44 (0)20 7993 5001.


Wedding-dress cleaning

A wedding dress is a magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime garment, and demands to be cared for as such. The specially trained and highly experienced technicians at One Click Dry Cleaning will give your dress the meticulous care and attention that our customers have come to expect from us.

A thorough pre-inspection stage will determine which ornamental accessories are removable, such as beads, and which are to be protected, such as pearls. This is followed by the secret One Click Dry Cleaning cleaning treatment discovered and developed over 58 years in the most demanding overseas market.

Finally, your prized wedding dress is preserved using acid-free tissues, with extra care taken for both the bodice and sleeves, in a beautiful and purpose-designed box that is ideally suited to prolong the life of your gown.


A prized wardrobe can only truly last when cared for and stored in the ideal environment.

At One Click Dry Cleaning we offer the perfect storage solution for your cherished clothes by using specially designed storage units that are not only insured but temperature-controlled for the ideal environment.

Every client is naturally supplied with a personalised inventory for ease of reference.